Two very important words: Quality and cost.  As the healthcare market has evolved, more and more physicians across the country have become employed by large healthcare systems.  Unfortunately we have seen the same trend here in the tristate.   Numerous studies have shown that this type of consolidation leads to higher healthcare costs with no improvement in quality, and in some studies, lower quality and poorer outcomes.  Being an independent practice allows us to adapt quickly to the needs of the individual patients.  At Bluegrass Internal Medicine there are no “middle men” influencing any portion of your care-only the physicians-and we answer only to you, the patient, so customer service is of the utmost importance.  We have been able to prove these high quality, lower cost outcomes in both our Medicare ACO and many Insurance Companies shared savings programs.  Also, being able to provide diagnostic studies at Professional Park Diagnostics on site, at a fraction of the price of the various hospitals in the region, helps us keep your healthcare costs down.  These are the same high quality studies performed on the same equipment and are read by board certified radiologists.

We have an excellent working relationship with both OHRH and Deaconess Health, two wonderful healthcare systems, and utilize their specialists when deemed appropriate for your care.  Our physicians have partnered with OHRH Hospitalist Group to continue to do BOTH outpatient and inpatient care, which has become much less common in primary care due to the many difficulties performing both duties presents.  We feel this allows us to provide higher quality care and continuity to those who are in need of it most.  Lastly, as you can read here, we provide our most complex patients with and excellent chronic care management program, the only one like it in the region.