Bluegrass Internal Medicine strives to provide comprehensive health services.

Inpatient hospital care responsibilities are shared by all of the physicians. Our office has been fully implemented with electronic medical records (EMR), practice management and laboratory information systems. We are proud to offer an extensive array of patient services, including an on-site laboratory, radiography, bone density, ultrasonography, and echocardiography.

Our services include:

Chronic Care Program

Learn more about Chronic Care Management (CCM) by clicking HERE.


Our friendly, experienced, and gentle phlebotomist are available to draw specimens in our private phlebotomy lab Monday through Thursday form 7 am to 5 pm and Friday from 7 am to noon. Our convenient walk-in and walk-out-lab does not take appointments. This is a first-come, first-serve lab. Our services are available to any Bluegrass Internal Medicine patient of record. Lab orders are required, either from the patient’s primary Bluegrass physician or from a specialist physician.


Our state of the art lab allows rapid and accurate results for any standard laboratory test including Complete Blood Counts, Metabolic Panels, Thyroid studies, PSAs, Urinalysis and others. Any test that we do not process onsite will be sent to an offsite lab for analysis.


Bluegrass Internal Medicine now offers onsite X-ray services. Our expert Radiology Technicians can provide virtually any type of X-ray required including Chest X-ray, Abdominal X-ray, Spine or Extremity X-ray, and more. While the X-rays can be viewed onsite by the Bluegrass provider, the films are sent to be officially read by a licensed Radiologists.


Bluegrass Internal Medicine provides state of the art Ultrasound services onsite. Our experienced Ultrasound Technologist can perform Vascular Ultrasounds, Abdominal Ultrasounds, and more. Our ultrasound images are officially read and reviewed by a licensed Radiologist.


Echocardiography is now a hallmark of quality Cardiology care. Bluegrass Internal Medicine now offers this service onsite. Both resting and treadmill exercise images are available. This allows cardiac echo stress tests to be performed on site. Echocardiography images are evaluated and read by the Cardiologists at Deaconess.


Also known as EKG, is a standard screening test for Cardiac disease. EKGs are evaluated by Bluegrass Internal Medicine providers. It is frequently employed during a patient’s physical or cardiac exam. Likewise, it can be performed at the Bluegrass office for preoperative evaluation before a surgery. Frequently, the surgeon or specialist provides an order for the patient for a preoperative EKG. The patient then presents to the Bluegrass office to have the test performed.